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Our Story. 

As a corporate marketing veteran, Matt Moynihan founded Anthem Brand Strategy in 2009 with a strong belief that there was a fundamentally better way to deliver high-caliber marketing services at an affordable price. We like to operate as a virtual marketing department for your company - an incredibly cost-effective alternative to a large agency or hiring in-house staff. As one point of contact, we orchestrate all facets of any marketing strategy to bring a brand to life and get it to market. Matt had been doing this for companies large and small for all of his professional life (since 1996). Though most of that time, he was the "client," serving as the lead marketing executive for large to mid-sized companies, so he's been in your shoes.

   Frustrated by all the needless expense and over-priced agencies he worked with, Matt had this idea to provide the same services on his own as an alternative to those fancy agencies with their Italian leather conference chairs and high-brow lobby artwork. Since he knows the ins and outs of the business and companies are trying to save cash, he knew he could deliver the services a growing company needs without the high price tag. After more than a decade in business, it seems to be working. Clients are happy, they're making money and they come back asking for more.

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